Far from taking a one-size fits all approach, the Vision for Action workshop is tailored to provide a bespoke session, whatever the needs and goals of your team.

The workshop is specifically tailored to churches and faith communities and can be used for individual project groups or the whole parish. It will be effective at any time in the life of a parish, whether you are just getting started or you have been there for a while.

A fully interactive programme, Vision for Action is an excellent tool for developing new projects, implementing new plans or rejuvenating parishes, churches and faith initiatives.


The workshop aims to provide you with:

  • A committed and united team who feel motivated, revitalised and inspired
  • A team with a greater sense of personal responsibility, improved focus and commitment
  • A shared vision created and owned by the team
  • A set of clear actions to carry the vision to fruition
  • The tools to deal with challenges and make the most of opportunities
  • Defined roles and responsibilities for each individual team member
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