“Interaction between the team with subtle but firm guidance by the facilitators in bringing out the issues of team work and vision.”
“It was a really good, succinct, well planned workshop.”
“Your obvious passion and enthusiasm. I didn’t feel overloaded with information. Great at drawing out and working on developing clarity around vision. Very inspiring video.”
“The passion and energy of the facilitators. The simple, powerful idea and structure.”
“The pace was good, the content very practical.”
“Clear, simple, uncluttered guidance.”
“The facilitation was skilful and really appropriate.”
“We wanted a workshop for our new venture, TrustCSR, that would build the cohesion between team members.  It was a really useful and enjoyable day, with all team members able to participate fully, partly because of excellent facilitation, but also because the tools and model are simple and easily understood.  A fantastically useful tool.”
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